The Original Täljsten Whisky Stones will enable you to reduce the temperature of your whisky from 20°C to 10°C with absolutely no dilution. Thanks to the Original Täljsten Whisky Stones, your favourite drink retains all its strength and you can savour your whisky chilled in its purest form with all its aromas and flavours intact.

The Original Täljsten Whisky Stones come packed in box sets of 8. A food bag Cold Pack containing no phtalalates or bisphenol A is also now included, enabling you to put all the stones in the freezer at once.


On the first day of use, rinse and dry the Original Täljsten Whisky Stones and place them in the freezer in the Cold Pack at least 2 hours before use.

When ready to serve your whisky, place 2 to 4 stones in a glass and then pour the drink onto them (it is important to respect this order). The drink will then cool without dilution.

For 4 cl of whisky, the reduction in temperature is  2,5°C per stone.

The Original Täljsten Whisky Stones are dishwasher-friendly.

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Did you know? : The Original Taljsten Whisky Stones heated in the microwave for a few minutes can also be used to reheat or keep hot all types of drinks.

During a trip to France, a Swedish customer once told us that, during the winter, she often put the Original Täljsten Whisky Stones in the microwave for a few minutes before slipping them while hot into warm socks that her children then put in their coat pockets. That way, the Original Täljsten Whisky Stones kept their little hands warm on the way to school.


« My name is soapstone and I was born in Scandinavia more than 400 million years ago.  Man has shaped me since the beginning of time; thanks to my unique thermal qualities, I store cold – or heat –, which I restore slowly without altering any taste.

By plunging me into your glass, allow yourself to be transported into another world as you experience the real taste of a whisky on the rocks »